Platform Independent Sink The Ship

or simply

PISTS Is Sink The Ship

Cal's short introduction for new developpers

1 Account management

1.1 Getting a sourceforge account

Find out yourself.

1.2 Getting involved and added to the project

Requirements: Send me an email containing your account name and express your wish of beeing added to the project "PISTS".

1.3 Accessing your homediretory on sf

Requirements: UNIX/SSH: Type on a terminal:

michael@helvetia:~/daten/schule/se/pists/cvs> ssh cal@pists.sourceforge.net

and follow the instructions.


1.4 Accessing the projects home Directory

Requirements: I recommend you to create a symbolic link pointing from your account's home directory to the project's homedirectory.

cal@usw-pr-shell2:~$ ls -l
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx    1 cal      users          24 Apr  2 08:06 pists -> /home/groups/p/pi/pists/
lrwxrwxrwx    1 cal      users          26 Mar 16 07:44 unifoil -> /home/groups/u/un/unifoil/

This can be done via the following command:

cal@usw-pr-shell2:~$ ln -s /home/groups/p/pi/pists/ pists

You can change and browse the project's homedir now by simply typing the following command:

cal@usw-pr-shell2:~$ cd pists

1.5 Working on a UNIX shell

The absolute most important commands:
Command Description Options
Display help on a command. Quit help with "q".
List the contents of a directory -l"long"
Print additional info about owner, permission etc.
List also hidden files (files beginnigng with a dot).
List only directories.
path Path to be listed.
Copy files or directories -r"recursive"
Copy whole directory trees.
mv Move and rename files and directories -r"recursive"
exit Exit a shell. use it to logout.

Remember you can use regular expresseions to ease your life.

Some helpfull links:
Unix Shell-Programmierung (German)
UNIX Shellprogrammierung (German)
Unix und X11 (German)
Einfache Shell-Skripte(German)

2. CVS

CVS Server operational!

2.1 SSH for CVS

In order to work with cvs on Sourfeorge you need a working ssh 1 instalation on your machine. You can get it here.

Installation: UNIX:
Umpack the tarball, configure and compile:
michael@helvetia:~/archive/ssh> tar -xzf ssh-1.2.33.tar.gz
michael@helvetia:~/archive/ssh> ./configure michael@helvetia:~/archive/ssh> make

2.1 Make your sf user ready for CVS

To be able to work with PISTS CVS as an active developer, you have to "activate" your acount for CVS. You can do this by ssh-ing to cvs.pists.sf.net:

michael@helvetia:~> ssh1 cal@cvs.pists.sf.net

2.2 Using CVS

Removing files
cvs rm -f -R file
then use commit as ususal...

2.3 CVS Documentation

The following list of ressources should help getting you cvs-aware.
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