Platform Independent Sink The Ship

or simply

PISTS Is Sink The Ship

The goal of the PISTS Project is to create a multiplatform ship sinking game wich can be played by two players connected via a Network. The Platfrom wich will be suported for a start are Windows and Linux.
The GUI and probably the networkstuff will be done by the QT library wich is also the base of KDE.
It's a project related to our studies at the HSR. After the projectapplication we realized that such a Project, nearly an exact Copy of our Idea is allready out. See KBattleship for mor Details. Some of the differences are:
  • PISTS is primary designed as a Platform independet game. Therefor it just makes use of the qt libs instaed of beeing a pure KDE application.
  • The integrated chat is not only for playercomunication, but also for issueing game commands. It will be possible to controll the game only via this commandline.
  • The networkprotocol of PISTS is simpler. We use Plain ASCI command wich also can/could be issued via telnet to control the game. So it would even be possible to play it with one PISTS client ant one Player on a telnet console (of course he musst be aware of the PISTS comunications and commands...).

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